Various Treatments Methods For Hemorrhoids In Boca Raton

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The Hemorrhoids in Boca Raton is the problem of the vascular tissues that are present in the anus or colon. In the normal state these structures act like cushions and helps in the bowel movement. However, in the swollen and inflamed stage it becomes a disease. The location of the hemorrhoids or piles can vary and it depends on the symptoms and signs that it shows. When piles form internally it is painless and accompanied with rectal bleeding during defecating. The ones that form outside the canal are accompanied with swelling and pain in the region. There may be bleeding as well in external pile which is darker in color.

The Causes of It

Usually, there are no particular reasons for Hemorrhoids in Boca Raton to occur but it is believed that there are several factors that may give rise to such situations. These factors include irregular bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea, no exercise, low fiber and unhealthy diets and also high intro-abdominal pressure usually associated during pregnancy. Aging and parental genes also may have an effect. It is seen that during pregnancy the pressure on the abdomen put by the fetus along with other hormonal changes leads to the enlargement of the hemorrhoid vessels. Also, during the course of delivery and birth of the baby the intro-abdominal pressure increases which leads to the formation of piles.

Diagnosis of The Disease

There are several physical examinations that are conducted to diagnose Hemorrhoids in Delray Beach. Sometimes only a visual examination of the rectum and the surrounding area can help in the diagnosis of external hemorrhoids. There may be a rectal examination done for this purpose. This is done to detect any possible polyps or tumors or any enlarged prostrate. Sedation is done to perform the diagnosis as it can cause some pain. In case you have internal hemorrhoids the visual confirmation is done by endoscopy. When you experience both the versions of internal and external hemorrhoids, it may lead to anal fissure.

Treatment Process For Hemorrhoids

If you are diagnosed with Hemorrhoids in Delray Beach, then the treatment starts with the prevention of constipation. This will prevent aggravating the situation. You may also be suggested to have high fiber diet for this matter. You will be asked to take snacks and meals consisting of vegetables, fruits and nuts, along with whole grains foods. No processed food and meat will be included in your diet. You will be asked to introduce the food gradually in the diet so that formation of gas can be avoided.If you cannot consume high fiber diet the stool softeners may be used but care must be taken while using laxatives as it might cause irritation to the already swollen veins.

Some Other Treatment Methods

Surgery is a common procedure for severe cases of piles, both internal as well as external. When it is thrombosis hemorrhoids you will feel severe pain and opting for surgery is the only option then. There can be injection used for the internal piles that will close off the piles. Banding is also done on Prolapsed hemorrhoids. To read more Click Here


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